Logistical Information about New Taste

Is that Kosher? The Taste UWS event is a free-for-all food festival. There are no rules to govern what the chefs will create. Thus, chefs and restaurants are free to prepare dishes that contain nuts, dairy, gluten, etc. There’s no guarantee that the food will cater to specific dietary preference or restriction. However, given the wide range of chefs and restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every taste at the Taste UWS festival.

Almost free food

The Taste UWS event is open for all. Meaning, attendees can sample all the food for free. The ticket is the only thing they pay for. Otherwise, in the event, all the food and drink is free of charge. One needs only an appetite and a festive attitude.

About the tickets

Everything you need to know about the tickets of the Taste of the Upper West Side festival.

On ordering and receiving the tickets

People can log in online and order the tickets from the official website of the Taste of UWS festival. Furthermore, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer with the tickets attached, which can be printed with barcodes, and saved on the phone. Another method is using the SquadUp app, which can save the tickets to Applet wallet or passbook.

No Waiting Line

When someone purchases the ticket online it’s not a guarantee that will be no waiting line for them. However, the earlier the attendee arrives the shorter the waiting line if any. In its 11th edition, the organizers are taking effective measures to avoid the waiting line altogether. It is always wise to keep the ticket at hand, ready to scan.

Ticketing Information About New Taste UWS

Buying the Ticket at the Venue

Attendees can buy the ticket at the door. However, if the event was sold out then there will be no tickets at all. It’s always best to purchase tickets before the event’s date, any event, not just the Taste of the Upper West Side! If the tickets were indeed available at door, they’ll be above their normal price. So it makes sense to purchase the tickets as soon as possible.

The Refund Policy

Once the ticket is purchased, there’s no way to refund it. In other words, it is final. However, if someone wishes to transfer their ticket to another guest that is possible through the SquadUp app.

Taste UWS and Taxes

The Taste of the Upper West Side tickets is presented by a nonprofit organization. Therefore, they are tax deductible. What’s more, all donations are completely tax-deductible with the exception of $25 per ticket.

Joining the Cause

How to become part of the Taste UWS

Registering as a sponsor

People who are interested in sponsorship can contact Barbara Adler or Nicole Paynter at taste@columbusavenuebid.org or call 212-877-2678.


Anyone can help out if they want to. Volunteers are needed before and during the event. People who want to sign up as volunteers are free to fill the volunteer form or contact Nicole Paynter at nicole@columbusavenuebid.org.


How to connect with the Taste UWS festival?

On social media

The Taste UWS is running an active social media campaign. Everybody is welcome to participate using the #TasteUWS hashtag.

People can find more information about the Taste UWS by following their social channels:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TasteUWS/

Twitter: twitter.com/TasteUWS

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tasteuws/

New Taste FAQ

The Location of Taste UWS

The location of the Taste of the Upper West Side is set in the O’Shea School Complex schoolyard on Columbus Avenue between 76th and 77th streets. Under the Taste UWS Grand Tent, many restaurants gather and keep the event alive.

Weather Condition Can’t Stop Taste UWS

Taste UWS take place in a safe, insulated environment. No rain, snow, or bad weather condition can stop Taste UWS. All tickets can’t be refunded, returned, or exchanged.

The Dress Code at Taste UWS

Since the event is divided into two nights. To enjoy the freedom of movement, a festive smart casual attire is suggested for Friday night. And at the second Saturday night a comfortable cocktail attire. It’s strongly recommended to avoid jeans, t-shirts, shorts, huge bags, skimpy dresses, flip-flops, and excessive accessories.

Taste UWS is for Everyone

The organizers of Taste UWS go to great lengths to accommodate everybody, including people with disabilities. The event is increasingly accessible where everybody can enjoy the food and drinks. Furthermore, the venue includes an ADA accessible restroom. Attendees with special needs or concerns can contact the organizers for suggestions or questions.

No Children Allowed

The Taste UWS is meant to be enjoyed by adults only. So attendees can’t bring their underage children along. Only people who are 21 years old (or older) can attend, and they’re expected to show ID when asked. This is to ensure the safety of everybody in the event.

Basic Information about New Taste UWS

Introduction to Taste of the Upper West Side

Taste of the Upper West Side is an 11 years old food and drink festival. The festival has established itself as the most favored event in the neighborhood where the Upper West Side’s culinary community offer its best. Over two nights, filled with food and drink, the festival manages to attract nearly 3,500 guests. During the event, more than 80 chefs from the district’s most prestigious restaurants compete to present their signature dishes with samples. The menu is unlimited. Everybody who attends the event gets to indulge in the best food from the best restaurants in the area.

The event organizer of the Taste of the Upper West Side

The event is organized by the non-profit organization, Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID). The proceedings from the event go straight to a committed account of the BID. The organizations use the funds to finance remodeling and improvement projects in the area. For example, in the past ten years, the organization continued contributing to the Wellness in the Schools project, produced the green streetscape block between W.76th-W.77th Streets (across the schoolyard fence) in addition to many other projects. If you want to learn more about how the BID support the area, visit the Columbus Avenue BID website.