6 best restaurants in Upper West Side New York

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The Upper West Side offers a vibrant fine dining scene, with many luxury restaurants calling the neighborhood home. Whether you’re looking to grab a glass of wine after a hectic work day, or planning a family diner out – there are plenty of options on the table. This page highlights the best 7 restaurants in New York’s best neighborhood – the Upper West Side.

1)     Jacob’s Pickles

This is no doubt the best restaurant in Upper West Side New York. This is a Southern comfort food spot that serves generous portions. They have excellent fried chicken, biscuit sandwiches and matzo ball soup. The cocktails, beers, and root beer on tap round out the menu in a very comfortable setting with tall windows.

2)     The Ribbon

For food lovers, the Ribbon was one of the best things that happened to the Upper West Side NYC. This foodservice joint is created by the same people who are behind the Blue Ribbon Empire. It serves signature dishes, from roasted chicken to excellent oysters and bone marrow. In addition to the great bites, the Ribbon also comes out as a great place to hang out, thanks to a lovely ambience.

3)     Awadh

The Awadh makes awesome northern Indian food like kebabs, slow-cooked meats, and biryani prepared in clay pots with naan spread on the top. All these are worth the trip here, and there’s much more to catch if you’re on an empty stomach. A two story joint, the Awadh has plenty of room for everyone, and it’s definitely a must-do if you consider yourself a food buff.

4)     Sushi of Gari

This is where you feast on the best sushi in all of the Upper West Side. You’ll pay more (particularly if you choose Gari’s famous omakase), but its well worth it. Every seat here allows guests to see the chef’s craft their cui9sine in the virtual sushi studio.

5)     Jean-Georges

This is a restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongrichten, one of the most famous chefs who has build a successful culinary empire around the globe. This Upper West Side location is known for its French haute cuisine. The salmon tartare and young garlic soup here has legendary status, and this joint is almost always bustling with top-tier executives, well-dressed ladies, and Winston-wearing guests.

6)     Marlow Bistro

Located south of Columbia’s campus, Marlow Bistro offers a rustic menu including delights from the Mediterranean and Europe. You get to enjoy a rich meal in a charming, exposed-brick space setting. The menu here has a lot to offer – from easy pastas and pizzas to truffle-stuffed chicken and tuna crudo.