Logistical Information about New Taste

Is that Kosher? The Taste UWS event is a free-for-all food festival. There are no rules to govern what the chefs will create. Thus, chefs and restaurants are free to prepare dishes that contain nuts, dairy, gluten, etc. There’s no guarantee that the food will cater to specific dietary preference or restriction. However, given the wide range of chefs and restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every taste at the Taste UWS festival.

Almost free food

The Taste UWS event is open for all. Meaning, attendees can sample all the food for free. The ticket is the only thing they pay for. Otherwise, in the event, all the food and drink is free of charge. One needs only an appetite and a festive attitude.

About the tickets

Everything you need to know about the tickets of the Taste of the Upper West Side festival.

On ordering and receiving the tickets

People can log in online and order the tickets from the official website of the Taste of UWS festival. Furthermore, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer with the tickets attached, which can be printed with barcodes, and saved on the phone. Another method is using the SquadUp app, which can save the tickets to Applet wallet or passbook.

No Waiting Line

When someone purchases the ticket online it’s not a guarantee that will be no waiting line for them. However, the earlier the attendee arrives the shorter the waiting line if any. In its 11th edition, the organizers are taking effective measures to avoid the waiting line altogether. It is always wise to keep the ticket at hand, ready to scan.

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