Ticketing Information About New Taste UWS

Buying the Ticket at the Venue

Attendees can buy the ticket at the door. However, if the event was sold out then there will be no tickets at all. It’s always best to purchase tickets before the event’s date, any event, not just the Taste of the Upper West Side! If the tickets were indeed available at door, they’ll be above their normal price. So it makes sense to purchase the tickets as soon as possible.

The Refund Policy

Once the ticket is purchased, there’s no way to refund it. In other words, it is final. However, if someone wishes to transfer their ticket to another guest that is possible through the SquadUp app.

Taste UWS and Taxes

The Taste of the Upper West Side tickets is presented by a nonprofit organization. Therefore, they are tax deductible. What’s more, all donations are completely tax-deductible with the exception of $25 per ticket.

Joining the Cause

How to become part of the Taste UWS

Registering as a sponsor

People who are interested in sponsorship can contact Barbara Adler or Nicole Paynter at taste@columbusavenuebid.org or call 212-877-2678.


Anyone can help out if they want to. Volunteers are needed before and during the event. People who want to sign up as volunteers are free to fill the volunteer form or contact Nicole Paynter at nicole@columbusavenuebid.org.


How to connect with the Taste UWS festival?

On social media

The Taste UWS is running an active social media campaign. Everybody is welcome to participate using the #TasteUWS hashtag.

People can find more information about the Taste UWS by following their social channels:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TasteUWS/

Twitter: twitter.com/TasteUWS

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tasteuws/

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