New Taste FAQ

The Location of Taste UWS

The location of the Taste of the Upper West Side is set in the O’Shea School Complex schoolyard on Columbus Avenue between 76th and 77th streets. Under the Taste UWS Grand Tent, many restaurants gather and keep the event alive.

Weather Condition Can’t Stop Taste UWS

Taste UWS take place in a safe, insulated environment. No rain, snow, or bad weather condition can stop Taste UWS. All tickets can’t be refunded, returned, or exchanged.

The Dress Code at Taste UWS

Since the event is divided into two nights. To enjoy the freedom of movement, a festive smart casual attire is suggested for Friday night. And at the second Saturday night a comfortable cocktail attire. It’s strongly recommended to avoid jeans, t-shirts, shorts, huge bags, skimpy dresses, flip-flops, and excessive accessories.

Taste UWS is for Everyone

The organizers of Taste UWS go to great lengths to accommodate everybody, including people with disabilities. The event is increasingly accessible where everybody can enjoy the food and drinks. Furthermore, the venue includes an ADA accessible restroom. Attendees with special needs or concerns can contact the organizers for suggestions or questions.

No Children Allowed

The Taste UWS is meant to be enjoyed by adults only. So attendees can’t bring their underage children along. Only people who are 21 years old (or older) can attend, and they’re expected to show ID when asked. This is to ensure the safety of everybody in the event.

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